Metadata Management

This Section holistically covers the subject of Metadata, not only from BI perspective but also from an overall data management perspective. Metadata carries the detailed characterization and information for all data, content and knowledge existing in an organization in all possible forms and locations. We have just started creating pages on this section. We will achieve the first stage of completion by end of April, 2008. Currently we have a single chapter of Metadata Management Overview.

Chapters In Metadata Management : -

Metadata Management-Overview

This is the context setting chapter for Metadata Management. It shares the definition of metadata, demystifies metadata management, provides examples for business and technical metadata, and also on why do we need metadata.

Metadata Architecture and Design

Metadata Architecture Considerations are very similar to that of Data Warehouse. The difference is that DW is a Warehouse of data and metadata warehouse is the warehouse of Metadata. As you go through this chapter, you will find many parallels to the Data Warehouse architecture, and most of our examples will also be cued from Data Warehouse.