Discipline of Execution

Execution has been considered as the weakest link in the success of an organization. However, it has still not evolved as a formal measurable discipline. Unlike other disciplines (like Quality, Business Process Management, Project Management), 'Execution' is highly conspicuous by its absence in the education, training, certification, assessments, maturity models, tools-techniques and other channels which are typical of any formal discipline. This section sets the context by explaining on 'What is Execution?', 'How it is different from other disciplines?', 'What are the components of Execution-Making it Happen?'.

Chapters In Discipline of Execution : -

Execution Management - An Overview

This is the starting chapter of the entire encyclopedia on 'Execution- Making it Happen'. It sets the context of what Execution is and what it is not. It shares the paradox of why Execution is not a discipline, inspite of it being most critical to the success of an organization.

Execution Management vis-a-vis popular terms

This chapter provides a clarity on how Execution-Making it Happen is different from other known disciplines. It shares the differences in scope & perspective vis-a-vis project management, quality and performance management.

Reality of Era of Business Uncertainty

Execution has lot to do with making-it-happen in an imperfect, uncertain and insecure world. A fair proportion of our intellectual property has content, techniques and tools on how organizations can achieve results in a high-flux environment. This chapter shares the realities of today's business environment, which will get more acute with time.

Leadership and Organization Imperatives of Execution

This chapter shares some fundamental necessities for Execution-Making it Happen to grow as a formal discipline in an organization. It talks about having 'doer' culture, execution-focused leadership competencies, execution being a universal discipline and governance around building execution discipline.