Execution Scorecard

This section introduces the concept of 'Execution Scorecard', which goes much beyond 'performance scorecard'. It works on providing all what an enterprise needs to know and to respond to 'what is happening?' and 'what is expected to happen?'. It dwells into various sections of Execution Scorecard- Performance Scorecard, Capability Scorecard, Assumption Tracking, Environment scorecard, customer scorecard etc...

Chapters In Execution Scorecard : -

Execution Management - Dashboards and Scorecards

Dashboards and Scorecards are different vehicles to enable your execution management. A holistic design and efficient generation is the key.

Execution Management- Performance Review

After you have created the dashboards and scorecards, its time for having dedicated performance review sessions.

KPIs & Metrics Management

The KPIs and Metrics are the building blocks of a performance management infrastructure. They have more to do with 'human Intelligence' than 'business intelligence'. This is purely a business subject.