'Executable' Strategy

This Section introduces a new concept of 'Execution Blueprint'. Just like 'strategy blueprint' lays down the details of strategy, Execution-Blueprint encompasses the thinking on how the strategy would be executed, and what will be done to change the strategy, if the business assumptions are not bearing out. This Execution-Blueprint has multiple sections including Assumptions Management, Capability Management, Resilience Management, Tracking & Reporting etc...

Chapters In 'Executable' Strategy : -

Creating Strategy Blueprint

The starting point for SPM is to have a strategy. A good strategy takes us half-way to achieve a great SPM. A strategy should which clearly define the priorities, success definitions and horizons. It should answer all possible 'why' questions. Apart from driving actionable objectives and measures, it should also be articulated in a fashion that people can relate to it and internalize it.

Creating Executable Strategy - Overview

Typically organization jump from strategy blue-print/business plan right down to action. There is one more critical layer which forms the foundation for 'making-it-happen'. A strategy without an execution blueprint is like a high-level city map with partial navigation and missing the level of detail one needs to find a street. A good Execution-Blueprint looks at all aspects of making it happen including 'why? of strategy', 'how?' to make it happen, 'what-if?' the assumptions do not bear out, 'how to sustain?' the business results. This Chapter provides an overview of Execution-Blueprint. Over and above this, it also shares on how the 'Execution-Feasibility' of a strategy is included during the strategic planning phase.

Creating Strategic Business Plan

Strategy Blue print has 2-5 year horizon. This blue-print needs to converted into more details & chewable chunk of work. Strategic business plan is typically an annual road-map born out of Strategy blue-print. It is shorter term, finer objectives & measures and lot of in-process and input parameters.

Creating Strategic Execution Blue-print

This chapter works on detailed mechanics of creating an Execution-Blueprint. It explains various components, and how to develop them along with strategic planning and after strategy-planning phase is over. It describes individual components of the 'make-it-happen' blueprint, when and how to develop them.

Execution Blue-print for Uncertain and Unknown

This chapter focuses on a rather unique piece of Execution-Blueprint which is generally missed by most of the organizations. In simple terms, this section identifies Plan B/Plan C and when to invoke the same. It works on how to have the sensory systems to track the business assumptions, and how to respond if the business assumptions do not bear out. It talks about how the business would be able to have the resilience to be able to respond to the expected and unexpected.

Cascading Execution Blue-Print

One of many failure points of Execution is lack of crisp and contextual communication on the strategy and how its going to get executed. Most of the communications of strategy are at extreme ends. They are either 100000 feet view of the strategy or a detailed goal-sheet, which tell an employee what to do. This chapter works on sharing the best practices to communicate all the details related to strategy and execution to the employees, what they need to know.