Human Capital Focus and Alignment

Human Capital Focus and Alignment

The organization structure, the job roles, the job description, the job goals, the incentive & rewards structure have to be focused upon maximizing an organization's money making machine and it's top strategic priorities..

Topics in Human Capital Focus and Alignment : -

Resource and Skills Alignment

Like financial capital, the human capital allocation to different initiatives, functions and processes need to be aligned to the money-making machine and strategic priorities. It's a conventional wisdom to place the best and most skills & resources on the areas which are important for current and future cash-flows. Typically, organizations consider the human resources as akin to head-counts. To achieve a good resource and skills alignment, one has to have the skills and competency inventory. For example- The top 100 talent in the organization should ideally be working on top 25% of the agenda.

Job Description Alignment

A strategic re-direction or even to improve the execution of the given strategy, demands a serious look at the expectations from a job. Job description is a critical document for hiring, but it goes much beyond this purpose. Job description would ideally be a living document, which an employee can refer to. Job description would also drive the goal-sheet, development plans and leadership competency matrix for a role or employee.

Learning and Development Alignment

The goals and job-description will be driving the learning and development plan. If the goal-setting and leadership competency matrix for an employee is well-defined, the L & D plan will be a natural outcome. Given that the L&D budgets are always lesser than the agenda, one has to focus on important learning investments, which are linked to critical goals.

Hiring Alignment

The hiring alignment to the execution agenda will mean that you are putting more focus & energy on hiring the critical roles and your hiring TATs (turn around times) should be higher for strategic hiring. Your level of diligence and hiring standards will also be higher for roles which will make the most difference.

Goals Alignment

Please refer the topic of goal-sheet for details on its components. The goals of any employee, their weight age, the timelines, measures of success should be skewed towards the organizational priorities.

Pay and Incentives differentiation on Roles and Skills

Welcome to the reality of the business world. As the priorities of organizations change, they have re-align their pay-structure and incentives plan for the roles and people, who are going to make the most difference to the results. This does not mean that the whole pay & incentive structure is churned every time as an organization changes its strategic direction. However, one would like to provide a higher pay structure for the mission-critical roles and for the roles which are important to be retained for keeping your money making machine to operate seamlessly.