Process Focus and Alignment

Process Focus and Alignment

Process Focus is to ensure that processes which make most difference to companies priorities should be worked upon for excellence. A company's money making machine has interlinked business processes which should be the first priority for continuous improvement. Post-that, the additional processes linked to new strategic priorities. Every process does not need to achieve the highest level of quality, and every process does not need to be fully-automated.

Topics in Process Focus and Alignment : -

Aligning process performance metrics and management

Process Performance metrics roll into business performance metrics. The metrics defined for a process, have to support the business priorities and goals.

Aligning Process Capabilities

Core money-making or strategically important processes not only have to make world-class around appropriate metrics, one needs to place robust capabilities to ensure that these processes can be constantly improved as the expectations keep on rising with time. There are two kinds of process capabilities- the first one is the fundamental business process management infrastructure, which can be used for any process irrespective of its importance. Second is the contextual capability, which is applicable to specific process.

Aligning process priority

Every organization has to identify the top-10 processes which have to be world-class and give it a competitive edge or at least the top percentile positioning. The question is on what processes an organization picks-up and how much it invests in it. The discipline of Business Process Management or Quality management will find best buy, if they are applied on what matters most for the organization.

Aligning Process change readiness

Achieving appropriate process capabilities and results around core & important processes does not complete the loop of execution excellence. One has to segregate processes in terms of intensity of changes these processes may go through. For example, the product manufacturing or process needs to be highly flexible as new products emerge. If a car manufacturing company does not have an ability to switch the capacity and fabrication programs across the assembly lines, they will be in for a huge risk.