Resilience & Flexibility

With world getting more insecure and uncertain by the day, an organization has to make itself both Flexible-&-Resilient to respond-to Changes-&-Shocks to its business assumptions. An Execution-Ready business will structure its organization, processes, contracts, investments, and all what matters to be ready for surviving and thriving on the change

Chapters In Resilience & Flexibility : -

Resilience and Adaptation

This chapter sets the context for how an organization can have the capability to 'respond to' and absorb the expected and unexpected change in the internal and external world. 'Execution- Making it Happen' capacity includes ability to deliver results in a high-flux environment. This chapter includes a high-level view on how to anticipate the change?, how to have structural readiness to change within the organization for the 'expected'? and how to have an inherent non-structural capacity for 'unexpected'?.

Structural Readiness to Respond

A business should be so structured that it should be able to respond to 'expected' and 'un-expected'. This includes methods related to optimizing operational break-even, managing contracts variability, managing contract exits, having modularity of investments & expenses, having 50% scenario readiness etc...

Results Continuity Plan

This chapter introduces a new concept of 'Results Continuity Plan' (RCP). This is part of the Execution Blueprint, whereby an organization has to have a Results Continuity Team, which can come into action, wherever there is a serious threat to the results, due to major change in the assumptions. RCP also looks at 3 or 4 most probable scenarios and lays out the possible approach to respond to the same.

Business Adaptation

This Chapter works on explaining with many examples on how various functions can adapt to the change so to ensure the Results Continuity. This includes financial adaptation, customer adaptation, process adaptation, service adaptation, sales adaption and product adaptation.