Capabilities Mapping and Assessment Model

Capabilities Mapping and Assessment Model

This chapter shares a model, by which organizations can map their current state of capabilities, how the capability assessment & planning start in the Execution Blueprint phase, defining 360 degree capability scope, capability-needs mapping, capability- requirements mapping and capability prioritization

Topics in Capabilities Mapping and Assessment Model : -

Capability Management Initiation

At the time strategy blueprint, as one sets upon defining the key objectives & goals, there is a natural question on if an enterprise has the capability to achieve these goals. At that point, a systematic process can be followed to capture the top-5 capabilities which can make-or-break the performance on a given target.

360 degree Capability Scope

Towards the end of the strategic planning phase, one will have the high-level capability needs across all business objectives. One would then need to put it all together and create a distinct set of logically grouped capabilities required to achieve the business plan.

Capability Needs Mapping and Assessment

The capability scope coming out of the strategic planning phase, now would be taken to next level of detail. There will be a holistic list of capability needs. These needs will be mapped against the existing capabilities and features. This mapping will be at a high-level so that business can quickly synthesize the critical-vs-important-vs-desirable. Based on this calibration the next level of mapping & assessment will be done.

Capability Requirements Mapping & Assessment

This is detailed level mapping and assessment of the current state of your capabilities and business requirements of capabilities.

Capability Prioritization and Road-Mapping

The capability mapping and assessment as outlined so far is not as simple as it seems to be. Organizations have existing capabilities in various forms and level of maturity. One will need to have a dispassionate view on the current state as well as organization's capacity & bad-width to build these capabilities. An organization has to review its capability-building priority as well as the road-map on a regular basis.