Cascading Execution Blue-Print

Cascading Execution Blue-Print

One of many failure points of Execution is lack of crisp and contextual communication on the strategy and how its going to get executed. Most of the communications of strategy are at extreme ends. They are either 100000 feet view of the strategy or a detailed goal-sheet, which tell an employee what to do. This chapter works on sharing the best practices to communicate all the details related to strategy and execution to the employees, what they need to know.

Topics in Cascading Execution Blue-Print : -

Customized Communication to Roles and Levels

This is a communication which is customized depending upon the level and roles of the audience. It is typically a one pager on 'what has changed?', 'what one needs to start doing?', 'what one needs to keep doing?', 'what one needs to stop doing?' and 'what one needs to do differently?'

Unfiltered Communication and Cascading

The communication on execution blue-print does not need to be too differentiated or secretive. The lowest level of employee needs to relate to the organizational priorities like everyone else. Therefore, unless necessitated by the reasons of 'national interest', the same general communication should go to all the levels.

Structure of Cascading

This topic provides the structure of communication of the Strategy Blueprint and Execution Blueprint. It shares a typical template of what can be included in the communication, what can be the flow of cascading? It endeavors to achieve the fundamental objective of the audience knowing & understanding what difference the execution blueprint makes in the person's life. The cascading is not limited to employees only. It also includes business partners, key vendors and financiers.

Feedback loop of Cascading

Cascading the execution blueprint is an exercise in a continuum, as organizations go through numerous changes in their movements and navigate themselves through a constantly changing road-map. After the execution blueprint is cascaded, there is a need to confirm that message has gone where it needs to. An honest and quick feedback loop is must.

General Communication to Levels

As an organization completes its Business Plan and underlying Execution Blueprint, it needs to cascade it to the lowest working unit. This communication has to have the inherent qualities of being crisp and focused, without the burden of big-words. First part of this communication is a general communication, which states the strategy points, organization priorities and how different functions will need to change or sustain what they are doing.