Reality of Era of Business Uncertainty

Reality of Era of Business Uncertainty

Execution has lot to do with making-it-happen in an imperfect, uncertain and insecure world. A fair proportion of our intellectual property has content, techniques and tools on how organizations can achieve results in a high-flux environment. This chapter shares the realities of today's business environment, which will get more acute with time.

Topics in Reality of Era of Business Uncertainty : -

Speed of Change

This topic covers the speed vector of the current business environment. It gives examples of how quickly the business assumptions, contexts and the resources could change. This brings in the need for quick re-calibrating & re-organizing resources/strategy/capabilities.

Intensity of Change

World has seen that the financing resources could vanish, your customers becoming cash-strapped and your Vendors can no longer sustain. This topic then touches upon the various tools and techniques as part of the Execution Discipline, which helps businesses to live and deliver through this change.

Unimaginable stress on Cash and Cost

The level of risk around financials and cash is the key make-or-break for a business. The risk has multiplied over last few years due to sheer uncertain economic climate. Value-Maximization and a resilient execution blueprint, are some methods by which this risk can be managed.

Beyond Control Environment

While the environmental factors are beyond the control of a business, but anticipating those factors, and having an ability to respond to these factors is under direct control of an enterprise. Having a sensory system with high-intensity anticipation is a way to sense what is in visible and 'beyond the visual' range. Apart from this, an organization has to have the inherent flexibility.