Focus & Money-Machine

Its a universal truth that focus is must for a sustained success. This section looks at focus in more than 6 different dimensions and how the multiple threads of focus need to be tied together to form a strong connect across the enterprise. We are introducing a new concept of 'money-making machine', which helps an organization to map the components, which are core to the way it makes money. This money-machine mapping is coupled with the strategy blueprint to define the Focus & Alignment Needs of an organization

Chapters In Focus & Money-Machine : -

Achieving Strategic Alignment

The key to execution is that all the constituents of your business are aligned to your strategy, and are working in the same direction along with the same priorities. The constituents include monies, shareholders, people, processes and external partners.

Financial Focus and Alignment

Having Financial Focus is the fundamental responsibility to shareholders. Financial focus means that one is spending the money where it matters most, focusing on bottom-line, making investments which are aligned to the strategy, doing optimum zero-based budgeting and ensuring that the money spent is closely linked to the way an organization makes money.

Process Focus and Alignment

Process Focus is to ensure that processes which make most difference to companies priorities should be worked upon for excellence. A company's money making machine has interlinked business processes which should be the first priority for continuous improvement. Post-that, the additional processes linked to new strategic priorities. Every process does not need to achieve the highest level of quality, and every process does not need to be fully-automated.

Customer Focus and Alignment

Customer Loyalty is critical to success but it is not synonymous to success. Customer objectives are subordinate to the share-holder objectives. Customer focus will mean that one will maintain focus on customer acquisition and retention, while being driven by the organization priorities and profitability objectives.

Human Capital Focus and Alignment

The organization structure, the job roles, the job description, the job goals, the incentive & rewards structure have to be focused upon maximizing an organization's money making machine and it's top strategic priorities..

Business Partner Focus and Alignment

Today's era of focusing on core-competencies, has created a highly inter-dependent world where an organization is an ensemble of multiple business partners-vendors working in harmony to represent a complex operating infrastructure. The business partner focus includes alignment of contractuals, SLAs & metrics, business partner & vendor matrix, business partner process alignment etc...