Human Capital

Human resources are to be seen as capital, which if invested and managed well, can given tremendous returns. This section looks at how we apply various dimensions of Execution on People Constituency. We look at individual performance management, goal-setting, development & career planning etc...and how to put these moving parts into the right places in the Execution Engine.

Chapters In Human Capital : -

Human Capital Maximization-Overview

A strategic business plan works if every individual understands its impact on individual's goals, priorities and incentives.This chapter takes a high-level view of key imperatives to achieve human-capital maximization. This includes Goal-Setting, Development Planning, Performance Review and Feedback.

Employee Goals Management

Employee goal-sheet is expected to be the nerve centre for employee activities. It is expected to be designed to not only tell what are employees goals, but also how employee will make it happen?, what will define the goal accomplishment?, how the employee's progress on the goals will be tracked?, what are the linkages & dependencies to the goal accomplishment? and what help is needed by the employee to achieve the goals?.

Employee Development Planning and Management

An employee has to work on his development on the continuous basis. Employee development is has a direct link to the overall enterprise development. The employee development planning & management includes development areas, development actions, timelines and a way to measure on how this development will result in improved performance. It also works on adhering to development best practices like a prudent mix of training, self-learning and on-the-job development.

Employee Performance and Feedback Cycle

This chapter provides a framework of how employee performance and feedback is managed as a 360 degree cycle. This framework starts with employee goal-setting and development planning. It goes into periodic performance & development assessment, 360 degree feedback and formal review sessions. It provides the details around how the performance of an employee should be documented and reported.

Employee Rewards and Incentives

Employee Rewards and Incentives are not only based upon the employee performance, but on many other factors as well. Rewards & incentives are key determinants of employee performance. This chapter provides various dimensions on how rewards & incentives for an employee should be determined to achieve multiple goals of motivation, retention, execution focus, alignment with strategic priorities and budget-compliance. This chapter also shares the mechanics of team-rewards.

Employee Career Planning and Management

Employee development planning works on improving employee capabilities for the current role, and employee career planning works on preparing employee for employee's future role. It includes components like career-path development, linking career planning to employee potential and to the organizational needs.