Information and Intelligence- An Overview

Information and Intelligence- An Overview

This chapter sets the context of why is it so important to have a sharp 'sensory system' to support the 'muscles of execution'. It delves into the key components of the enterprise sensory system. It shares on how these components are assembled into a cohesive capacity to provide the right information at the right time and at the right place.

Topics in Information and Intelligence- An Overview : -

Data + Information +Intelligence

Enterprise Intelligence (EI) represents the sensory system of an enterprise execution engine. Just like a human body the nervous system has fine sensors to capture the raw data, format it in right shape, process it to create actionable information and transmit it in the right quantities to the right destination at the right time. EI is a bigger subject than business intelligence. It goes beyond hard-data, and also handles the qualitative information. It look at the external environment and competition. It includes commentary, interpretations and judgments.

Enterprise Data Management

Data feeds the information factory. Enterprise Data Management includes Data Quality, Master Data Management, Metadata Management and Data Integration. Data Quality works on accuracy, consistency and completeness of data. Master Data Management presents a single reference point for all entities including customers, vendors and products. Metadata management catalogues all data in the organization. Data integration brings together diverse data from diverse sources and enable a enterprise-wide view.

Enterprise Information Management

Enterprise Information Management provides platforms of sanitized and integrated data, which is modeled & stored so that actionable information can be generated out of it. Data Warehouse, OLAP, Analytics, Data-mining are some examples of these platforms.

Enterprise Intelligence Management

Enterprise Intelligence capacity represents the end-use of the information to make-it-happen. Ability generate relevant information, interpreting it, respecting it and using it to drive results is core to making a strategy executable. Enterprise intelligence represents the brain, which processes the information and sends the interpretation to the right place and at the right time.

Why Enterprise Intelligence is core to Execution- Making it Happen?

Nothing in an organization can move without Enterprise Intelligence. Enterprise intelligence represents the senses of an organization. Execution muscles or brain of a company will be least effective, if the eyesight and hearing-power are less than sharp. Data of inadequate quality or completeness, multi-representations of the current-state, non-availability or delayed ability of information, lack of leading indicators handicap a business to perform.