Leadership Competency framework

Leadership Competency framework

Leadership Competency frame-work is built around the leadership competencies listed in the earlier chapter. This frame-work has multiple dimensions. It talks about how to link the required leadership competencies with a given role and a given level. It provides the rules on what kind of competencies get greater importance, given the stage and challenges an organization is faced with. It also calibrates a leadership competency into different levels of excellence, so that one can assess on to the extent an employee has demonstrated a given leadership competency.

Topics in Leadership Competency framework : -

Roles and Level based Competency Segregation

The detailed competency definitions are the reference point of assigning the right set of competencies to different roles and levels. Typically, few leadership competencies are common across all levels and roles. The other competencies are assigned on the type of expectations from an employee. A marketing executive role will have different competencies assigned vs. an operations leader. Apart from a role, competency expectations will also differ as per the level. An individual contributor will carry different leadership expectations vs. a business leader.

Leadership Competency Assessment Matrix

After defining leadership competencies and assigning them appropriately, its time for the employees to know on how they will be assessed. Leadership competency assessment matrix will carry the list of competency and the expectation from an employee for each competency. The next level of detail one can get into is on how the level of demonstration by an individual will be determined. In other words, what will indicate that an individual as demonstrated a given competency below the expectation, as per expectation and above the expectation.

Leadership Competency Frame-work Components

Leadership competency framework has multiple components. These components include the super-list of leadership competency, detailed competency definition, guidelines for selecting the right competencies for the given roles, the graded definition of each competency for different level of maturity, process and methods for assessing competency levels of an individual, etc....

Leadership Competencies Definitions

The detailed competency definitions can be found in chapter of 'leadership competencies'. The leadership competencies have to be defined in terms of how an employee is expected to demonstrate a given leadership competency. Within the definition, there are typically three levels of demonstrating a competency- at an individual level, at the managerial level and at the strategic level.