Leadership and Organization Imperatives of Execution

Leadership and Organization Imperatives of Execution

This chapter shares some fundamental necessities for Execution-Making it Happen to grow as a formal discipline in an organization. It talks about having 'doer' culture, execution-focused leadership competencies, execution being a universal discipline and governance around building execution discipline.

Topics in Leadership and Organization Imperatives of Execution : -

Universalization of Execution

Execution is not the responsibility of any given roles, levels or teams. Everyone in the organization has to take Execution as his/her key responsibility. One cannot have separate groups of 'Strategists' and 'Executers'. The moving parts of execution, will include CEO as well as the entry level team-member.

Discipline of Execution and Execution of Discipline

An organization needs to firstly recognize the need for a formal discipline of 'Execution-Making it Happen' just like Quality, Human Resources, Business Process Management, etc....It has to recognize that there needs to be a quantitative assessment of Execution Capacity, defined tools & techniques, and an equivalent organization structure.

Execution Oriented Culture- Thinking vs. Doing Organization

Execution-Making it Happen' is a cultural imperative on the first place. An organization culture should promote and encourage people who make-it-happen. It should place greater emphasis on consistent low-noise execution over hypes and big-words. It should discourage heroic but un-executable strategies. It should avoid hiring people who get most of the job done but leave a long-tail.

Execution Oriented Leadership Competencies

After the culture, is the imperative of laying down the expectations and assessments on the leadership, which drive execution. All the leaders should be measured majorly on the execution-focused competencies.

Entrepreneurship as fundamental Organization Value

Its a paradox, that while the fundamental 'reason of being' for most of the companies is to make money for the shareholders, most of them have no 'formal organization value' which point to this core objective. Execution-MiH says that Entrepreneurial mind-set is the key to Execution-Making it Happen and an enterprise should have it as part of its fundamental values.