Execution Intensity

The section introduces the concept of 'Execution Intensity'. Execution Intensity is the depth, width, frequency and speed, an enterprise can apply in managing the business. An enterprise can upgrade its result by simply intensifying its Execution Rigor

Chapters In Execution Intensity : -

Management Intensity- Overview

This chapter sets the context for a new concept of 'Execution Intensity'. Intensity simply means multiplying the depth, width and tenure of what one is doing, without making a fundamental change. Execution Intensity has many pillars including Granularity Intensity, intensity of frequency, ground level intelligence and decision-making intensity.

Granularity Intensity

This chapter goes into the depth of how an organization can have management intensity around level of detail. It covers increasing the intensity from the lagging to leading indicators, from high-level to low-level indicators, from 'what' to 'why' indicators, from information to 'answering the questions'.

Frequency Intensity

This chapter looks at execution intensity in terms of how frequently one applies the management. This includes moving from lower to higher frequency, from 'fixed timing to exception-based' management and from 'post-facto to pre-facto' management.

Ground Level Intelligence

Having a real-time connect with what is happening at the lowest level or at the last mile makes a big difference in the organization success. This includes customer intelligence, sales person intelligence, sales outlet intelligence, distribution intelligence session, competition intelligence and service-provider intelligence

Decisioning Intensity

Having good ground intelligence, detailed & high frequency management will not help if it is not matched with the speed and sharpness of decisions needed execute. This is perhaps the weakest link in an organizations ability to intensify the execution. You might have heard of 'too much data but too less information'. Applying the same paradox, organization suffer from the syndrome of 'too much information but too less decisions'. The decisioning intensity includes decision tree readiness, decision turn-around, decision empowerment and decision feedback loop.