Execution Management vis-a-vis popular terms

Execution Management vis-a-vis popular terms

This chapter provides a clarity on how Execution-Making it Happen is different from other known disciplines. It shares the differences in scope & perspective vis-a-vis project management, quality and performance management.

Topics in Execution Management vis-a-vis popular terms : -

Execution- Making it Happen' vis-a-vis Project Management

Program/Project Management is many a times taken as synonymous to 'making it happen'. However, the success of business is not the sum of successful project completion. Project Management is completing a designated project to completion as per the agreed resource, cost and timelines. 'Execution-Making it Happen' is a different layer which ensures that right projects are chosen, a prudent boundary of time, cost & quality and finally ensuring that maximum value is extracted from the project-investment post its completion.

Execution- Making it Happen' vis-a-vis Six Sigma

Six-Sigma is a great methodology to get results. There are two angles, by which it is different from 'Execution-Making it Happen'. Firstly, it can be applied to resolve certain kinds of problems. Execution Discipline can be universally applied. Secondly, Execution and six-sigma is not mutually exclusive. A good six-sigma program will need a good execution discipline. In other words, Execution Engine can be fitted with various tools like six-sigma.

Execution- Making it Happen' vis-a-vis Employee Performance and Leadership

Execution-Making it Happen, encompasses many layers beyond HR and Human Capital Management. It's a complete discipline which touches every possible resource and capability an organization has. Apart from introducing many revolutionary concepts and techniques, it also works on leveraging existing disciplines and knit them together to maximize results.

Execution- Making it Happen' vis-a-vis 'Meeting Business Plan

Execution- Making it Happen' goes beyond 'business plan fulfillment' in many ways. It works on not only the business plan performance, but also on the capabilities for future sustenance of results. It works not only on delivering on the business plan, but also an ability to change the business much before it fails.