Creating Strategic Execution Blue-print

Creating Strategic Execution Blue-print

This chapter works on detailed mechanics of creating an Execution-Blueprint. It explains various components, and how to develop them along with strategic planning and after strategy-planning phase is over. It describes individual components of the 'make-it-happen' blueprint, when and how to develop them.

Topics in Creating Strategic Execution Blue-print : -

Execution Blueprint 'How to Sustain?' Section

This part is created by, firstly, listing and prioritizing the capabilities needed to achieve the sustainable business results. It maps the existing capabilities, with the needed capabilities. It identifies the most cost-effective and sustainable means of achieving the capabilities.

Execution Blueprint 'Execution Management' Section

This part of Execution Blueprint is the outcome of the previous parts. In terms of measures/exceptions/alerts, one gets them from all the sections. The Execution Scorecard designs are created, based on best practices. The Execution Review process is laid out to ensure a high degree of Execution Intensity.

Execution Blueprint 'Why?' Section

This section of Execution Blueprint will be taken from the strategy-blueprint. However, the level of detail in Execution-Blueprint will be higher. The reason is that 'why' of strategy throws-up the business assumptions which are shaping the strategy. The tracking and managing those assumptions is important for ensuring execution.

Exeution Blueprint 'How?' Section

This section is the largest section of the Execution Blueprint. It gets into the details of how the Strategy will be Executed in terms of drill-down targets. This is a typical section, which breaks-down the high level financial and business working to more detailed goals, at the level of teams, locations, roles, processes and products, etc..... It also includes the high-level milestones of key initiatives.

Execution Blueprint 'What-If?' Section

This is a an unconventional part of the Execution-Blueprint. It details out the anticipation, response and readiness of the organization towards different scenarios, if the business assumptions do not bear out and if expected or unexpected changes come upon the business. This section will have components of assumption tracking, structural readiness, un-structured readiness, high-impact scenario test, anticipation capability, etc....

Laying-down the seeds during planning process

Execution Blueprint and Strategy-blueprint are not entirely disjoint and for a fair proportion of time, they run hand-in-hand. As the strategy evolves, it has to be scrutinized on its execution-feasibility. At the appropriate points in the strategy development process, the rules & principles of 'Execution-Making it Happen' are applied, which could lead to course correction. Moreover, the initial filling-up of the Execution Blueprint starts during the Strategy Process. This topic shares the typical check-points where the Execution-Blueprint shakes hands with the Strategy and what is done during that hand-shake.

Initializing blueprint and preparation

This topic provides a view on the templates used to create the Execution Blueprint, and how one starts with these templates in the initial stages of creating the Execution Blueprint.