Creating Executable Strategy - Overview

Creating Executable Strategy - Overview

Typically organization jump from strategy blue-print/business plan right down to action. There is one more critical layer which forms the foundation for 'making-it-happen'. A strategy without an execution blueprint is like a high-level city map with partial navigation and missing the level of detail one needs to find a street. A good Execution-Blueprint looks at all aspects of making it happen including 'why? of strategy', 'how?' to make it happen, 'what-if?' the assumptions do not bear out, 'how to sustain?' the business results. This Chapter provides an overview of Execution-Blueprint. Over and above this, it also shares on how the 'Execution-Feasibility' of a strategy is included during the strategic planning phase.

Topics in Creating Executable Strategy - Overview : -

Creating Strategy Blueprint

Strategy Blueprint is the reference-point on which the Execution Blueprint is made. Strategy delves on What and why?, whereas the Execution Blueprint works on 'who, when, how, how-much, etc...?'

Strategic Business Plan

Strategic Business plan is the middle layer between the Strategy-Blueprint and Execution Blueprint. It breaks down the strategy blue-print into shorter-term objectives, targets, initiatives and financials. However, it typically does not include many aspects, which an organization needs to think through to deliver results.

Execution Blueprint- 'Why?' of Strategy

The first component of an Execution-Blueprint is to state in detail, the basis of the business plan, and assumptions behind the business plan. This is a good reference for all levels in the organization to understand the perspective and thinking behind the strategy.

Execution Blueprint- 'How?' of Strategy

This is the largest section of the Execution-Blueprint. It delves into the lowest level of details, on how the results will be achieved, in terms of projects, capabilities, key challenges and how they will be mitigated, etc....

Execution Blueprint- 'What if?' of Strategy

This section goes beyond 'how and why'. This part of the blueprint provides 'resilience' and 'change-readiness' to the organization. The sub-parts of this section are 'Fundamental resilience & flexibility', 'Top 5 probable scenarios and preparedness', 'Phased Check', 'drastic-contingency readiness', 'results continuity structure' & 'assumptions tracking'

Execution Blueprint- 'How to Sustain?' of Strategy

This section in the Execution-Blueprint works on details of building capabilities required to achieve and sustain the results. It gets into the 'mapping of current capabilities' 'prioritizing capability gaps', 'capability tracking plan', 'capability building plan' etc...

Ensuring implementation of Execution Blueprint

This section of Execution Blue-print specifies on how the execution will be reporting and tracked. It states the Execution Scorecard (including performance scorecard, capability scorecard, Assumption Tracking, Environment Scan, etc....), and its contents. It will also share the execution review process as well.