HR Capabilities & Platforms

HR Capabilities & Platforms

Just like any other function, making HR happen required key platforms like company intranet, collaboration, HR work-flow and other enablers

Topics in HR Capabilities & Platforms : -

Employee Intranet for Information Publishing

The intranet can be a very powerful and effective tool in managing information logistics in the organization. It is a critical enabler of many functions and processes in the organization. No organization can scale up without setting up an effective intranet first.

Employee Help-Desk

Employee help-desk is a dedicated channel for helping the employees out with their HR related queries and issues. These are crucial in medium to large organizations with elaborate and complex policies. Having an effective employee help-desk can pre-empt the seeding of rumors and discontentment as well.

Employee Grievance Secure Line

Setting up of an employee grievance secure line can be crucial in ensuring that the company ombudsperson and the whistle-blowing programs are effective. In fact the objective of such a line goes beyond that as well. There are many matters which can be solved at the HR’s end it self.

Learning Management System

Learning Management System can be effective tool in driving the L&D function amongst employees. In some ways, it decouples the trainer from the learning providing the employees with an automated tool which serves the training material at the job-site itself in the manner the employee is most comfortable with.

Internal Job Posting

Internal job posting is advertising the arisen vacancy in the community of existing employees first before making an external search. It has it’s inherent strategic as well as cost advantages.