Corporate Core Values

Corporate Core Values

Corporate Core Values permeate all aspects of an enterprise. It represents the organizational character, which reflects in the way it is preceived by all its stakeholders (especially the external stakeholders)

Topics in Corporate Core Values : -

Trust & Integrity

Trust and integrity are the most core values that any organization operates on. There has to be trust internally in order for the organization to survive. There must be trust externally in order for the organization to thrive. If any unit or organization flounders on trust and integrity, it is not in it for the long term.

Innovation & Creativity

Innovation and creativity must be inherent in the very DNA of the organizational work-culture. In fact these two qualities are essential to maintain a competitive edge in the market. The execution challenge is to make every employee imbibe this as part of the way he/she works.


To have customer focus, is to have basic business orientation. It is unfortunate that generally not all employees have it from the beginning. This is especially true for non customer-facing departments. To over-generalize things, the various departments of an organization are either doing sales or supporting sales.

Social Responsibility

A sustainable business is also a socially responsible business. An organization must ensure that it’s activities and contributions towards it’s social responsibility are truly affecting the targeted audience and not merely a demonstration without any real intention.

Operational Excellence

No amount of writing can underscore the importance of having operational excellence enough. It can make or break the business. It is akin to having a superb engine under the car’s hood. Now the driver can gun the engine and race to the finishing line to come first. It is the crucial foundation based on which the organization can think of executing aggressive plans.