Recruitment & Selection

Recruitment & Selection

Recruitment & selection forms the foundation of building human capital. Getting people with make-it-happen capabilities & attitude gives a great head-start.

Topics in Recruitment & Selection : -

Resume Review

The assessment process for selecting a suitable candidate for a position starts with reviewing resumes. This is akin to a prospectus which details out the career path and educational and professional qualification of the candidate.

Tel Screeing Review

A telephone screening review is the first personal interface between the recruiter and the candidate. This is an important second level filter since it is here that the first impressions are made and a conclusive idea about the communication skills of the candidate is developed.

Job Fit Assessment

Job fit assessment is a very crucial and sensitive matter and one which requires considerable expertise and experience. It is easy to filter out absolute misfits, but care should be taken that following only the job-description and not using individual judgment may also lead to omitting genuine and authentic talent in the process.

Job Simulation Assessment

One of the ways a candidate can be assessed for a particular situation is to simulate an actual job-situation and check how he/she fares in it. This is an immediate and relevant test which can lay bare the actual delivering capability of the candidate at the given moment.

Competency-Situation Based Assessment

Just like domain-specific expertise can be tested in an interview, so can the leadership competencies. The interviewing manager can put the candidate in a tricky situation and check the presence of leadership in him/her.

Manager & Reviewer

An employee is assessed in the Performance Management System at two levels – one is his/her reporting manager and the other is his/her manager’s manager. The manager’s manager has the last word and say in the final rating awarded to the employee.

Interview panel including customers

It is important to include internal customers in the interview panel. If they have a say in the final selection of a candidate, they are much more likely to support him/her in coming up the curve as well.

Inside Track- Strong internal Candidate

All vacancies must be posted as an Inside Job Post and offered first to the existing employees. This has to be done even in scenarios where a strong internal candidate already exists. This is important to maintain integrity and to give a fair evaluation and chance to all applying candidates.