Leadership Competencies

Leadership Competencies

There is a complete dimension related to execution-focused leadership in 'Making-it-Happen' dimension. This chapter add to it interms of specific practices around implementing leadership competency framework.

Topics in Leadership Competencies : -

Competency Repository

Every organization needs to define for itself as to what are the key leadership competencies which are essential in it’s line of business. They need to be defined and officially adopted as the mandated set of such competencies. This set is the Competency Repository.

Graded levels of Expectations

Every leadership competency can be further sub-classified into various grades based on the proficiency level. A competency is not uniform or standard in terms of internalizing. Depending upon the experience and maturity level, different levels of the competency may be expected.

Role-Based Mapping to Competency

Leadership competencies have various grades and different roles can be mapped to these various grades of expected behavior. Senior employees need to exhibit higher grade of the competency while the junior employee may be expected to show only the lower grade.

Role-Based Mapping to Competency-Level

All competencies need not be demonstrated all the time. Depending upon the role the employee has, he/she may be expected to demonstrate only some of them. Indeed, those may be the only ones he/she is assessed upon, but never the less, basic competencies do need to be demonstrated always.

States what is above & below expectations

Defining what constitutes “Above Expectations” and “Below Expectations” is very crucial for a successful performance management system. This in turn is linked to the definition of “Meets Expectations”. Detailed description of these are especially important where the goals are not quantifiable.

Competency expectations at an individual/Managerial/Strategic level

A senior leader is an individual contributor, a team leader and a key member of the organizational steering committee as well. He/she must deliver in all the three roles concurrently. For all the three different capacities, he/she must exhibit a different set of leadership competencies.

Shares how one will apply the assigned competencies achieve goals

The organizational focus on the Leadership Competencies will not be fruitful unless and until the picture is completed by explaining to the employee how can he/she apply the assigned competencies to achieve his/her goals. This is the “how-to” part of the process.

Competencies common to all employees/Level-Specific/Role-Specific

Some competencies are so basic that all employees need to imbibe and exhibit them, for e.g.. Integrity. Apart from these, there could be role-specific or level-specific competencies which an employee may need to demonstrate once he/she is in those circles.