Low Will-Skill Management

Low Will-Skill Management

While there is typically a large emphasis on investing into employees who are doing well, there needs to be an equal investment into people who can be nurtured & encouraged to achieve higher levels of performance.

Topics in Low Will-Skill Management : -

Planned exit for Continued (2-3 years) UE in most cases

Employees who are continuous under-achievers since the last 2-3 annual performance cycles need to be exited in a planned manner. This will prevent further degradation of their unit’s performance since these employees are weak links who have not shown signs of improvement even after organization’s efforts and investment into them.

Focused Road-Map for People at cusp of 3 and Cusp of 2

The organization can organize special training and development programs for the employees receiving annual ratings at the cusp of 2 and the cusp of 3. With a little push and grooming, these employees have a significant chance of improving their performance.