Ethical Practices

Ethical Practices

These are the ethical practices, which work on protecting & safe-guarading employees, ensure a code of conduct by organization as well as by employee, and protection of corporate values & culture.

Topics in Ethical Practices : -

Equal Opportunity Employer

An organization must not discriminate against any employee whether current or potential, on the grounds of religion, race, sex, color, ethnic background etc. All policies and procedures must be neutral to these factors. Not following this policy will prevent the organization in scaling up.

Respecting & Promoting Diversity

Having a diverse work-force is good for the corporate environment. It creates a conducive atmosphere for setting up merit as the only factor for growth. Supported by the organizational policy, it fosters tolerance and allows new vistas of thinking.

Employee Code of Conduct

In order to maintain the required discipline, all organizations must define a detailed code of conduct which is applicable to all employees. This is an absolute necessity as it provides an underlying skeletal structure to the process of performance.

Employee Health & Safety

A healthy employee coupled with a healthy, safe and conducive working environment is an absolute must for long term sustained performance excellence. Research in management studies has already shown that the immediate work-surroundings can have a profound impact on the productivity. Thus, a healthy employee and a healthy environment leads to healthy results as well.

Safguarding Against Sexual & Other Harrassment

Presence of harassment of any kind, whether real or perceived, is likely to hit the productivity very badly besides leading to attrition and other employee-issues. This is for obvious reasons. What is not so obvious is the fact that such matters cause loss in productivity and consume precious time and resources in sorting the matter out.

Whistle Blowing

Whistle blowing is a process or an institution which encourages employees to report any untoward incident which may be a breach of company’s norms and policies. It is a separate channel designed and set up especially for confidential reporting.

Company Ombudsman

A company ombudsperson is a must-have to ensure that the employee work-force remains disciplined and focused on the company’s business objectives. It is designed to allow reporting of any violation or breach in company’s policies by employees at all levels and to ensure that the reporting employee is not victimized subsequently.

Employee Listening Post

An employee listening post can do wonders to the perception that the employees hold of the organization. It also provides a crucial inroad into the underlying employee issues and acts as a lead provider in dispelling rumors spread through grapevine.