Leadership Development

Leadership Development

There are two challenges with leadership. One is to define the end-goal in achieving leadership competencies aligned to the business goals. The other is how to achieve that end-goal. The chapter on leadership development endeavors to cover the methods, principles and thumb rules on how to build the 'leadership capital'.

Topics in Leadership Development : -

Leadership Development- Setting the Context

Leaders are made as much as they are born. The inherent leadership DNA has to be shaped and molded to build leadership talent, which can respond to the need of time and context. There are many case-studies, where organizations have nurtured leadership. Once an organization can set its eyes on what are their leadership development goals to achieve their business objectives, a diligent planning and execution makes-it-happen.

Developing Leaders- Few Leadership Traits

Leadership traits and competencies can be defined and specified. However, the words and adjectives can vary. Everything which can be positive about a person in terms of character, conduct, approach and attitude, perhaps can be labeled as leadership trait. This page provides few glimpses of those leadership behaviors.