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What is Cloud-Based CRM?

Cloud-Based 'Software as a Service' model allows a company to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software as a web-based service (just like Gmail is a mail service). Today the whole world is moving to cloud based service. Significant advantages to customers are:

  • Pay only when they use the system
  • No need any capital investment into hardware, and system licences
  • No need for any IT staff. CRM provide manages the whole system
  • No need to develop system internally, so they get a ready system in a matter of few days
  • Instant Deployment- A CRM system can ‘switched on’ for the customers in a matter of few days

So customer gets to use CRM4sure platform without any stress, zero capital investment and does usage based payment. Due to these benefits, globally customers are moving to cloud-based software service model, and it is over USD 100 Billion Market globally growing at more than 30% per annum.

Why Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an Assured Success?

A Customer Relationship Management Solution, helps a company to manage its Sales, Customers and Service functions. It is proven to boost sales & Service results by 50-100%. EVERY company in EVERY sector needs a Sales & Service CRM. Therefore, even in a medium-size city, there could be more than 2500 potential customers. For a large city, the numbers could go upto more than 10000 target customers. For a partner, if he is able to capture 2-3% market share, he can build a well-sized business.

Life-long assured income with multiple growth over years

In Software as a Service model, a customer pays a ‘Usage fee’ every month (which includes system license fee, production support, hosting Infrastructure, system availability and ongoing training). This fee is life-long. Unlike one-time sales model (which you charge for the software one time), here the income flows in month after month. This means that with every new customer, you are adding additional monthly income year after year. That is why with every passing year you get multiple income growth (contact us for details on income projection)

No Credit Risk. No Working Capital Required

Unlike physical goods, there is no risk of bad-debts with a customer. If customer does not pay, you can switch-off the access to the CRM system. Moreover the economics of CRM4Sure is so much affordable for the customer that it will not default. One of the biggest issues in any venture is the blockage of working capital and delayed payments. With no working capital requirements, there is NO barrier to scale-up your business significantly.

ZERO or Very Low Capital Investment & Operational Overheads

As CRM4Sure is a cloud based system, and mostly you will be visiting customer office for sales and support, there is NO need for a real-estate. You can work with a few laptops and good internet connection out of you home-office or a small office in an inexpensive location (based on how much you want to grow). You can grow your business by 500% with only 50% increase in your operational overheads.

High Customer Retention and Exit-Barrier for Business

Unlike most of the businesses, the cost for a customer to your competition is very high. Once CRM4Sure is installed for the customer, and his employees are well-trained and comfortable with the system, a customer will not take the risk of moving to competition. Unless you do not provide good support, or the customer business itself shuts down, there is least possibility of a customer leaving you. Passion for customer service and understanding his business is must.

Highly Successful Customer Up-Sell and Cross-Sell

While you will be acquiring a customer and start building revenues, there is a huge potential to gain additional business over time, which can be 3-5 times the initial revenue from the customer. This is because CRM4Sure offers six modules (Sales, Service, Channel, Customer, Receivables and Knowledge), which can address any need of an organization. Apart from that for each module we have three levels of offerings (Basic, Pro and Enterprise). Therefore, while you may start small with a new customer, you can build a sizeable ‘share of wallet’.

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