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  • Integrate Leads from ALL Sources
  • Leads Funnel Management
  • Sales Employee Work-Organizer
  • Daily Sales Activity Monitoring
  • Field Sales Geo-Location Track
  • Smart Field Trip-Route Manager
  • Online Sales Monitor Panel
  • Sales Forecasting & Pipline
  • Personalized Role-Based Home-Page
  • Sales CRM on Mobile
  • Sales Office- Tasks, Calendar
  • Sales Process Workflow Automation
  • Dynamic Reports & Analytics
  • SMS/Email Alerts & Notifications

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Lead Generation

Integrate Web, Mail,Tele-Marketing, Field-Sales, Channels, Events

Leads Conversion

Widen & Deepen Funnel, Prioritize & Assign, Minimize Ageing

Sales Productivity

Organize Visits, Routes  & Follow-ups. Online Alerts  &  work-manager

Sales Expenses

Eliminate False Claims, Benchmark, Efficient Sales Force Deployment

Sales Profitability

Prioritize Profitable Leads,Benchmark per-head value

Field Discipline

Geo-Location Tracking, Real-time Field Monitor, Daily Work Management

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Highly Flexible
Using our revolutionary fluid technology, you can custom-configure your own CRM as per your needs.

World-Class Features
With more than 18+ major capabilities you do not have to look beyond CRM4SURE for making it happen.

Our single point solution, configurability and pay-per-use model ensures minimum and financial.

Fast Implementation
Our proprietary methodology enables quick implementation of your front-end engine.

Fully Integrated
A single and holistic platform for managing all front-end and customer facing functions, with 360 degree view.

Robust Architecture
Leading-Edge 'under-the-hood' best practices to ensure that flexibility comes with solidity.

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Build Custom-Configured Sales CRM Using our World-Class Capabilities

Form Manager

Set Masters, Fields, Validations, Layouts, Labels, Data-Types, Sub-Forms, Navigations

Work-Flow Engine

Set Event-Condition based Actions, Assignments, Escalations and Alerts

Business-Rules Engine

Define Custom-Formulae, Decision-Trees, Interface Controls

Trip-Route Planner

Smart Planning for Minimum Distance with Maximum Contacts &  Productivity

Personalized Organizer

Set Custom Home-Page, Menus, Tabs, Display Formats, Filters, Action-Buttons

Daily Activity Recorder

Capture meeting actions, outcomes, follow-ups, feedbacks, next-steps and time-spans

GPS Geo-Location Tracker

Get Field-Force GPS Co-ordinates, Distance Traveled, Time at Destination

Performance Manager

Custom-Set Planning &  Performance Parameters, Periods, Benchmarks

MIS- Report Writer

Define formats, fields, labels, filters, periods, aggregations and sort orders

OLAP-Analytics Engine

Set Multi-Dimensions, Aggregates, Ranges, Slice & Dice Pivots, Display Columns

Application Creator

Create Sub-Apps with Configuration-Shell Components and Publish

Outlook Integrator

Couple CRM4Sure Sales Office with Tasks, Calendar and Contacts

Notification & Alerts Generator

Configure SMS-Emails Triggers, Schedules, Templates,Receipients with Variable Fields

Mapping & Hierarchy Configurator

Set rule-based Linkages across any entities. Set Reporting Tree for any master

Dashboard Manager

Wide-Range of Graphs, Palettes,Labels, Headings, Grouping and Legends

Integration Layer

All possible methods including APIs, XML, ODBC and Excel Uploads

Pre-Designed Industry-Specific Solutions


Inquiries,Counseling, Registrations, Renewals, Job-Placemements,


Agents, Direct Sales, Brokers,Policy Issuance, Renewals,Reinstatements

Retail Distribution

Distributors, Retailers, Events, BTL, Secondary Sales, Planograms,

Business Services

Customers, Direct Sales, Projects, Service Delivery, Feedback

Travel & Hospitality

Packages, Ticketing, Booking, Property Partners, Agents


Dealerships, Test-Drives, Registration-Insurance, Servicing


Loans, Deposits, File-Management, Verifications, Collections


Medical Reps,Practitioners, Distributors, Events, Influencers


Providers, Doctors, Multi-Level Care, Patients, OPD, IPD


Properties, Projects, Brokers, Under-Writers,Maintenance


Loans, Accounts, Cards, Deposits, Agents, Brokers

Consumer Durables

Retailers,Stockists,BTL, Collections,Events, Servicing