Sales Campaign Management

Sales Campaign Management

Sales campaign is bet, where organization deploys a fair degree of band-width to gain a business advantage. Apart from immediate benefits, a sales campaign produces long-term value which includes new insights on customer behavior. A note of caution- an organization should use a sales campaign as an opportunity and to maintain its visibility. However, it should not become over-dependent on sales campaign and maintain focus on building long term sustainable capabilities to achieve results in 'business as usual'.

Topics in Sales Campaign Management : -

Sales Campaign Management

This page provides an overview of sales campaign, including business objective, key business questions, success drivers and KPIs for Sales campaign management.

Sales Campaign SWOT analysis

This page provides the list of strengths, Weaknesses, threats and opportunities linked with the sales campaign management.

Sales Campaign Infrastructure

A sales campaign is perhaps is among the tougher challenges, as it demands quick reaction to a time-bound project and opportunity. Instead of ad-hoc response to a sales campaign, an organization can create readiness future campaigns.

Sales Campaign Business Intelligence

This page provides the building blocks of analytics and performance measurement for sales campaign management

Data Management in Sales Campaign

This pages provides various data quality issues which could arise in sales campaign management, and possible solutions.