Sales Campaign SWOT analysis  

Sales Campaign Management

Sales campaign is bet, where organization deploys a fair degree of band-width to gain a business advantage. Apart from immediate benefits, a sales campaign produces long-term value which includes new insights on customer behavior. A note of caution- an organization should use a sales campaign as an opportunity and to maintain its visibility. However, it should not become over-dependent on sales campaign and maintain focus on building long term sustainable capabilities to achieve results in 'business as usual'.

Sales Campaign SWOT analysis

This page provides the list of strengths, Weaknesses, threats and opportunities linked with the sales campaign management.

Following are the components of SWOT of a typical sales campaign management function. Each item in the list, if is in good shape, can be interpreted as a strength OR an opportunity and if it is in bad shape, it should be interpreted as a weakness OR a threat. The owner of this SWOT will be the head of sales OR the campaign manager.

Sales Campaign Management Strengths and Weakness

  • Financial and product management support
  • Supply chain flexibility and scalability
  • Marketing and media support
  • Contact Centre variability and flexibility
  • Sales Processes
  • Lead Management system
  • Sales Campaign Management system
  • IT support
  • Sales channel partner capability

Sales Campaign Opportunities and threats:

  • Competition sales campaign clashing with our sales campaign (T)
  • Festive OR peak season (o)
  • Recent brand image surge (due to media coverage) ready to be tapped (o)
  • Low-cost, soon to be obsolete product, but still popular with the market (o)
  • Geographical expansion and First Mover Advantage
  • Potential competition response to the sales campaign (T)