Sales Channel Management

Sales Channel Management

Companies have made history by tapping channels effectively. Sales channel can be termed as the biggest contributor to the inherent value of a company.

Topics in Sales Channel Management : -

Sales Channel Management Overview

Sales Channel management is to maximize the performance of sales channels to achieve objectives around sales and distribution.

Sales Channel SWOT

This pages provides the typical Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats.

Sales Channel Partner Acquisition

Sales Channel Acquisition is a longer term commitment (Direct and Indirect Channel)

Sales force Training and Development

This page lists out specific trainings which a sales person will go through. Training is a on-going process and typically a new sales person, will cover this portfolio of training over a period of time and thereafter will go through a refresher learning on frequent basis.

Sales Channel Retention, Support and Engagement

Once you have acquired a sales channel/force/staff, and trained them, the question is on how to retain the high performing and high potential talent. Different companies have different views on sales staff retention.

Enhancing Sales Channel productivity

Maximizing Productivity in Sales Channel is a sure way to provide greater band-width to Sales Channel in pursuing their main purpose- to make and close sale.

Sales Channel Data Management

Sales channel management can be fairly tricky in terms of data quality, because the systems keeping the sales channel data range from the core systems to field systems.

Sales Channel Management System

A sales channel management system is considered being part of the core systems in a company. There are very few sales channel management systems which include all aspects of sales channel management, and it may be a combination of systems,