Sales Channel SWOT  

Sales Channel Management

Companies have made history by tapping channels effectively. Sales channel can be termed as the biggest contributor to the inherent value of a company.

Sales Channel SWOT

This pages provides the typical Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats.

Following are the components of a typical Sales Channel Management function. The list is divided into two parts- Strengths and Weaknesses (internal) and Threats and Opportunities (External). Each item in the list, if is in good shape, can be interpreted as a strength OR an opportunity and if it is in bad shape, it should be interpreted as a weakness OR a threat. You will also find some items in success drivers to be part of this list.

Strengths/Weaknesses for sales channel management

  • Sales channel management system.
  • Average tenure of high-performing sales employees
  • Average tenure of indirect sales channel.
  • Exclusive tie-ups
  • Network and financial strength of indirect sales channel.
  • Level of understanding and knowledge of our products and organization with 3rd party distributors.
  • The cultural and value system fit of our resellers with the organization.
  • Synergy of our products and business model with that of resellers.
  • IT infrastructure to support 3rd party resellers.

Threats and Opportunities for managing Sales Channels

  • 3rd party re-sellers pushing competitors' products. (T)
  • Using the channel partner for servicing and support.
  • Providing tools and software support to the channel partner to having stronger lock-in.
  • Conflict across channel in terms of selling same products to same set of customers.(T)