Sales Compensation Analysis  

Sales Compensation Management

Sales compensation is typically the largest part of cost of sales. A well managed sales compensation leads to well managed sales cost.

Sales Compensation Analysis

This pages gives the list of measures, KPIs and Dimensions linked to Sales compensation. You can use this list to work on your dimensional models, and reports designs

Business Intelligence topic under each sub-function, highlights the dimensions, metrics, measures/facts, which are linked to that sub-function (sales compensation under sales management)

Examples of Measures/Facts for Sales Compensation Analysis

  • Sales Commission
  • Sales performance bonus
  • Sales Velocity Bonus
  • Sales units
  • Sales Value
  • Sales Value per unit
  • Training Allowance
  • Retainer-ship Fee

Example of Sales Compensation Metrics/KPIs

  • Sales commission per Dollar of sales
  • Sales commission per unit of sales
  • Sales Performance Bonus per unit of sale
  • Sales performance bonus per dollar of sale
  • Retainer ship cost per dollar of sale
  • Retainer ship fee per unit of sale
  • Total sales compensation per dollar of sale
  • Total sales compensation per unit of sale

List of Related Dimensions for Sales Compensation Analytics

There are the dimensions on which you can slice OR dice your sales compensation measures and KPIs. All these dimensions will be having their business hierarchy

  • Location
  • Product
  • Business unit
  • Time period
  • Sales Person
  • Ticket-Size Slab
  • Sales Channel