Sales Compensation Management

Sales Compensation Management

Sales compensation is typically the largest part of cost of sales. A well managed sales compensation leads to well managed sales cost.

Topics in Sales Compensation Management : -

Sales Compensation Management

This topic provides an overview of sales compensation management, providing the scope of this chapter, along with the key success drivers.

Sales Compensation components

This topic provides various compensation elements which are the building blocks to your overall sales compensation structure

Sales Compensation Structure Decision

The most critical question for a sales manager is to fix the right compensation, by creating balance between the sales cost and sales performance.

Sales Compensation for Consistency

We all know that core purpose of the sales compensation, is to drive sales productivity. Sales compensation can go further by driving consistency and improvement of different parameters related to sales performance over weeks, months, quarters and years.

Sales Compensation administration

Sales compensation administration is like payroll. Its a hygiene factor. No one notices if it is working well. Hell breaks loose if it does not. \n

Sales Behavior

Sales performance is not only to get good sales numbers. It also has a part to play on the profitability and long-term sustainability as well as brand image of a business.

Sales Compensation Analysis

This pages gives the list of measures, KPIs and Dimensions linked to Sales compensation. You can use this list to work on your dimensional models, and reports designs

Sales Compensation Data Management

This page provides various data management related issues related to Sales Compensation

Sales Compensation System

This page gives you the typical capability for a sales compensation management system