Sales Leads Management

Sales Leads Management

Every sale starts with a sales lead. Manage the leads well to get a great sales performance

Topics in Sales Leads Management : -

Sales Leads Management Concept

Lead Management the process of generating the list of potential customer prospects, prioritizing and classifying them, organizing sales effort around them and finally converting or tracking them to closure.

Sales Leads Management SWOT

This page gives the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of sales leads management sub-function

telemarketing Sales Lead Generation

Telemarketing gets its data from the databases provided from the third party source or could be calling existing customers for selling new or enhanced products. Telemarketing can be done internally within a unit or can be outsource to 3rd party telemarketers.

Sales Leads Generation through Point of Sale

Point of sale is perhaps the most potent in terms of the generating leads as you are dealing with a prospect who has come to your outlet, and therefore is carrying a first level of interest about your product/services.

Sales Leads Generation through Events

Starting from the rock shows organized by the car companies to local community events to seminars and conferences organized for higher level institutional products, the customer events are a good mechanics for lead generation.

Sales Leads Generation through advertising

Advertising is one mode by which you can generate 'high volume and low information' leads. You can have a small cut-out form, which a person can fill-up and send to you or give a call-in number for people to call. At the moment, this topic covers the advertising aspects in publications and television and not on hoardings or outdoors.

Lead marketing Database Quality

Sales Leads database quality has an implication on sales productivity linked to the sales leads

Sales Leads Classification and prioritization

You are at a stage whereby the leads generated by marketing or sales function through various channels are available. The next step is to prioritize and classify these leads

Sales Leads Allocation and Distribution

After the prioritization and classification is done, the leads are to be forwarded to the appropriate staff for follow-up and closure. There various factors by which one can allocate the leads.

Sales Leads follow-up and Closure

Once you have done the leads distribution by marketing function or a central sales function, its time to follow-up on the leads by the sales staff. Leads follow-up a closure is core to giving hard dollars to the company's top-line. Follow-up to closure can have any number of steps and interim stages depending upon the kind of product and category of lead.

Sales Leads Management System

Lead management system is not a business intelligence tool, and therefore we are not going to list it in the 'Tools domain'. However we are going to have topics dedicated to the source systems linked to a given functional domain. As the quality and capability of a source system plays an important part in a good Business Intelligence delivery, understanding the typical features of a source system will help you in your Business Intelligence objectives.