Sales Leads Management SWOT  

Sales Leads Management

Every sale starts with a sales lead. Manage the leads well to get a great sales performance

Sales Leads Management SWOT

This page gives the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of sales leads management sub-function

Following are the components of a typical Sales Leads SWOT analysis. The list is divided into two parts- Strengths and Weaknesses (internal) and Threats and Opportunities (External). Each item in the list, if is in good shape, can be interpreted as a strength OR an opportunity. If it is in bad shape, it should be interpreted as a weakness OR a threat.

Strengths and Weakness for Sales Leads Management

  • Lead Management system.
  • Lead generation and follow-up training.
  • Quality of leads OR marketing database.
  • Prioritization and classification alignment with the business and product-mix objectives.
  • Leads Distribution and follow-up process.
  • Co-ordination between the lead generation and sales teams.
  • MIS on lead generation.
  • Infrastructure to handle the wave of leads generated through a campaign.

Opportunities and threats for Sales Leads Management

  • Lead Generation from the existing customers (o)
  • 'Do not call registry' by government, which bars unsolicited calls. (T)
  • Non-exclusivity of the databases. Our competitors have OR can have access to the same databases.
  • Leveraging the sales campaigns to generate the leads(O)
  • Lack of trust in staff on the ways leads are assigned to people (T)