Sales Revenue SWOT  

Sales Revenue Management

It's the numbers game in sales. Revenue management is analyzing the targets v/s actuals.

Sales Revenue SWOT

This Page gives you the Strengths, Weaknesses, Weaknesses and Threats of Sales Revenue Management function.

Following are the components of a typical SWOT for Sales revenue management function. The list is divided into two parts- Strengths and Weaknesses (internal) and Threats and Opportunities (External). Each item in the list, if is in good shape, can be interpreted as a strength OR an opportunity and if it is in bad shape, it should be interpreted as a weakness OR a threat. You will also find some items in success drivers to be part of this list.

Sales Revenue Management Strengths/Weaknesses

  • Geographical Footprint
  • Tenure and dedication of sales force
  • Size of sales force feet on the street
  • Scalability of sales force
  • Strong sales leadership depth
  • High Sales Predictability
  • Smooth sales curve
  • Healthy Sales Pipeline
  • High sales strike rate
  • Robust sales reporting system

Opportunities <> Threats

  • Emerging vs. Matured markets
  • Rising vs. stagnating disposable income of a target segment
  • Price in-elasticity vs. highly price sensitive market
  • First Mover Advantage vs. Crowded Market

Before you move on to strategic choices and decision drivers, For each of the SWOT which fits your context, an ideal approach is to list on 'why' and how can we leverage it (strength), overcome it (weakness), En-cash it (opportunity) and Mitigate it (threat).

Refer SWOT template to help you work on SWOT