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CRM in Banking

CRM For Non-Banking Finance Companies-NBFC
Get a single-point CRM solution for Financial Lending, Deposits, Trading and advisory. Ensure an integrated capability of Sales, Service, Collections, Channel, HR and other front-end functions.

  • NBFC Sales - Leads Funnel Management
  • Lending-Loan Processing
  • NBFC Customer Service
  • NBFC Channel Development and Management
  • NBFC Collections-Receivables
  • NBFC Customer Relationship and Satisfaction
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Health-Care CRM

Health-Care CRM
World-class CRM platform for Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, Para-medical health-care providers. Manage patient relationships, ensure process discipline and develop knowledge-driven networks.

  • Patients Admissions and Master Management
  • Healthcare Patient Servicing
  • Health-Care Brand-Building
  • Healthcare Influencers Network Development
  • Healthcare Promotion Management
  • Knowledge and Learning Management
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CRM for Retail Distribution
A complete solution for retail distribution including outlet set-up and development, marketing & promotion, product displays, new launches, stock-movements, field staff activities, dealer training and Servicing.

  • Retail Distribution Channel Network
  • Retail Distribution Point Management
  • Track Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Sales

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  • Field Staff Effectiveness
  • Dealer-Distributor Relationship Management
  • Collections-Receivables Management
CRM in FMCG Industries

CRM in Education

Education and Training CRM
CRM for Colleges, Schools, Coaching Centres and Training organizations. Maximize student registrations and satisfaction, develop referrer networks, achieve good industry- placement record, and provide online learning programs.

  • Education Sales Leads Funnel Management
  • student-Scholar Servicing
  • Student Relationship and Leverage
  • Industry Placement and Connect
  • Channel & Referrer Network Excellence
  • Online Knowledge and Learning Management
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Maximize new business policy issuance through network of brokers, individual agents, corporate-agents and direct sales force. Get high policy renewals and customer satisfaction, while building an admired industry brand.

  • Insurance Sales- Leads Funnel
  • Insurance Customer Service
  • Insurance Customer Relationship and Satisfaction

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  • Agent-Channel Network Development
  • Promotion and Marketing
  • Insurance Policy Renewals Management
CRM in Insurance

CRM in Healthcare

Pharmaceuticals and Health Products/Equipment
Get one-stop CRM solution for Pharma & Medical Equipment Business. Acquire and retain customers, Maximize Sales Productivity, Build Distribution Networks, promote products and demand from healthcare providers

  • New Business Sales
  • Expand Distribution Points
  • Pharma Customer Service
  • Pharma Brand-Building
  • Pharma Influencers Network Development
  • Knowledge and Learning Management
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Travel and Entertainment
Boost New Booking and Repeat Sales. Maximize Customer Satisfaction with seamless delivery. Build Network of loyal and productive partners.

  • Travel Sales Excellence
  • Employee Productivity & Effectiveness
  • Travel Partner Network Excellence

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  • Customer Relationship Management
  • In-Travel & Post-Travel Experience
  • Manage Operations and Services
Banking – CRM

CRM in Banking

Business Services
A comprehensive CRM solution for Management & Business Services, including Sales, Service, Customer Relationship and Operations.

  • Business Services Sales Results
  • Sales & Service Productivity
  • Customer Service
  • Customer Relationship and Satisfaction
  • Project/Assignment Execution Excellence
  • Knowledge and Learning Management
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Automotive Sector
A comprehensive CRM solution for Automobile Sales & Service Dealers, to manage end to end Vehicle Sales and Service.

  • Vehicle Sales Excellence
  • Employee Productivity & Effectiveness
  • Loan Processing and Collections

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  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Vehicle Service Excellence
  • Service Centre Inventory
CRM in FMCG Industries