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Business Services Sales Results

Capture Leads from all sources including Web, Tele-Marketing, Field Sales. Closely Monitor from Initial lead contact to Proposal, Negotiations and Sales Order. Provide Ready access to staff on all sales tools including Client FAQ, Presentations and Scripts.

Sales & Service Productivity

Monitor Sales & Operations Employees’ Daily Activity, Plan Field Trips and site Visits. Track Staff geo-location Real-time. Alert employees on follow-ups, pending tasks, appointments and their travel schedules.

Customer Relationship and Satisfaction

Maximize customer relationships with cross-sell/up-sell activities, customer contact norms and monitoring daily customer contact activities. Ensure regular customer visits to solicit repeat business and references.

Project/Assignment Execution Excellence

Track progress and completion through various project plans and assignment work-flow stages. Send Project status Notifications & Alerts through Emails and SMS. Use productivity tools like Tasks & checklists, Calendar and Contacts.

Customer Service

Capture and track service requests through custom-configured work-flows. Monitor daily service activities real-time. Achieve excellent servicing with automatic escalations, status notification to customers and monitoring SLA and TAT adherence.

Knowledge and Learning Management

Build a comprehensive repository with text, audios, videos, presentations, white papers and technical notes. Given access to staff, customers and technical specialists. Develop online training programs and ensure a deep and constantly updated depth of skills.