CRM in Education
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Education-Sales Leads Funnel Management

Capture, Track and convert potential student lead funnel through web, tele-campaigns, call-in inquiries, references from existing students, events and other sources. Ensure maximum effectiveness of front-end counsellors and sales staff.

Student-Scholar Servicing

Capture, Track and resolve all complaints and queries related to student registration, class scheduling, curriculum sharing, faculty management, course material delivery, fees and examination administration.

Student Relationship and Leverage

Maintain periodic contact with student during and post study. Leverage student relationship to for module level re-registration or enrolling the student for a new program. Get a ‘Single Customer View’ of student for visibility on all touch points.

Industry Placement and Connect

Develop and maintain deep relationships with corporate who can hire from your institution. Ensure prompt servicing, job requisitions management to fulfil their vacancies, a constant connect with regular visits and pre-placement talks

Channel & Referrer Network Excellence

Develop an extensive network of academicians, consultants and downstream education providers, to refer your institution to potential students. Maintain close relationship with campus visits, external faculty programs and regular visits.

Online Knowledge and Learning Management

Build a comprehensive repository with text, audios, videos, presentations, white papers and technical notes. Develop independent or supplementary online training and distance learning programs.