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Patients Admissions and Master Management

Manage Patient appointments, and Admissions both for OPD and IPD, with complete patient profiling on current ailments and medical history. Maintain complete treatment record through the admission duration.

Health-Care Brand-Building

Build a great industry brand with corporate social responsibility events like free check-up camps, and blood donation events. Develop a network of influencers, with knowledge-sharing workshops and seminars. Plan and execute events effectively for maximum impact.

Healthcare Promotion Management

Ensure that inventory of promotion collateral like flyers, merchandize, free diagnostic tools to promote your brand are effectively managed, and also deployed at the targeted locations like chemists, doctors and third party health-care service providers.

Knowledge and Learning Management

Build a comprehensive repository with text, audios, videos, presentations, white papers and technical notes. Given access to patients, specialists, staff, and influencers’ network. Develop online training programs and ensure a deep and constantly updated depth of skills.

Healthcare Patient Servicing

Capture all possible patient service request, complaints or queries, and track them to closure. With timely notifications, alerts on aged service requests, tracking TAT, service reporting & analysis to review the systemic issues can ensure high patient satisfaction.

Healthcare Influencers Network Development

Manage field force of industry relationship executives, as they meet specialists and influencers to share capabilities and offerings of your institution. Ensure high effectiveness with daily route planning, daily meeting activity tracking and geo-location monitoring.