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Employee Productivity & Effectiveness

Monitor Sales & Operations Employees’ Daily Activity, Plan Field Trips and Customer Contacts. Track Staff geo-location Real-time. Guide employees on follow-ups, pending tasks, appointments, travel schedules.

Customer Relationship Management

Get a ‘Single Customer View’ including detailed customer profile, Service History, Order History and feedback. Do targeted marketing campaigns and seasonal promotions. Contact customers for cross-sell & Up-sell, and to source references.

In-Travel & Post-Travel Experience

Send messages and tele-calls for travel wishes and pre-travel readiness. Maintain relationship during travel through feedbacks, and complaint resolution. Make After-return relationship call, and enquiring about future travel plans & references

Travel Sales Excellence

Capture Leads from all sources including Web, Tele-Marketing, Field Sales. Monitor from Initial contact to final Booking and Payments. Manage booking processing, Document Collections and Visa Processing.

Travel Partner Network Excellence

Expand partner leads, track from initial contact to empanelment and set-up. Resolve partner complaints & queries with quick turn-around. Manage Channel Incentive Schemes. Ensure regular partner contacts and relationship Activities.

Manage Operations and Services

Track Visa-Processing, Booking, Pre-Travel Preparations through a vast-range of productivity tools like tasks and checklist manager, scheduler, contact list management. Manage payment collections through daily collections record and payment reminders.