Creating Strategic Business Plan

Creating Strategic Business Plan

Strategy Blue print has 2-5 year horizon. This blue-print needs to converted into more details & chewable chunk of work. Strategic business plan is typically an annual road-map born out of Strategy blue-print. It is shorter term, finer objectives & measures and lot of in-process and input parameters.

Topics in Creating Strategic Business Plan : -

Strategy Map Objectives Drill-Down

The first step to develop a strategic business plan from strategy blueprint is to detail out the enterprise strategy map into lower level of details.

Financial Business Plan

With business and other performance parameters in place for the Strategic Business Plan, its time to convert them into a financial business plan of P&L, Balance Sheet, Funds Flow etc.

Strategic Business Plan

Like the strategy blueprint (SB), the strategic business plan (SBP) also need to be communicated and aligned across the organization. However this time its easier as it is developed bottom-up.