strategy blueprint Rationalize Align and Publish  

Creating Strategy Blueprint

The starting point for SPM is to have a strategy. A good strategy takes us half-way to achieve a great SPM. A strategy should which clearly define the priorities, success definitions and horizons. It should answer all possible 'why' questions. Apart from driving actionable objectives and measures, it should also be articulated in a fashion that people can relate to it and internalize it.

strategy blueprint Rationalize Align and Publish

With Strategy MAP for each theme in place, one has to combine and rationalize them, so that we get a the strategy MAP for the enterprise.

Merge and rationalize the objectives for all the strategic themes

The strategic maps once created for each Strategic Theme, will be firstly merged OR rationalized, in case they are duplicate OR overlapping across the Strategic Themes. This will result in the de-duplication of the objectives and also re-phrasing and measures re-definition. This exercise is not as simple as it sounds like. This is because the Strategic Themes are driven by different functions (Sales for revenue theme), and this exercise (like the previous steps) will be done at an enterprise level.

This is also the time to re-confirm the linkages, leading-lagging framework across the objectives as well as the measures.

This is the step, when final picture emerges of the Strategy Maps. Please refer Strategy Map Matrix for a sample of consolidate map.

Workout the high level financial projections

Nothing is complete till the final numbers are in place. This is the time, when the Strategy Map is converted into 5-10 years financial and business projections, which is the outcome of the Strategy Maps.

Create the Strategy document.

This will be the final output of the Strategy Map. This can also be termed as the 'Strategy Document'. It will contain:

  • Company Vision
  • Company Mission
  • Key Information and Its analysis
  • Company SWOT and one page
  • Strategic Goals/Themes and one pager
  • Strategy Map for each Strategic Theme
  • Overall Strategy Map.
  • List of Initiatives
  • Financial and Business Projections

Management alignment on strategy Blue-print:

Senior leadership is considered aligned on a strategy MAP if:

  • They understand and agree on what is the strategy blue print and they know it by heart.
  • They understand their role and how it fits in the strategy
  • They understand on what’s new OR different in the strategy vis-a-vis existing strategy (if any) and how it is going to bring change in the lives and expectations from each of the senior leader.

Alignment Process:

  • A walk-thru of the Strategy Blueprint.
  • A statement OR presentation by each senior leader on his new goals and linkages.