Creating Strategy Blueprint

Creating Strategy Blueprint

The starting point for SPM is to have a strategy. A good strategy takes us half-way to achieve a great SPM. A strategy should which clearly define the priorities, success definitions and horizons. It should answer all possible 'why' questions. Apart from driving actionable objectives and measures, it should also be articulated in a fashion that people can relate to it and internalize it.

Topics in Creating Strategy Blueprint : -

Strategic Vision and Mission

Though sounding cliched, Vision & Mission statement can do a lot to alignment. It is important that the same is worded and articulated in a way the people can relate to them and also find it linked to their job.

Strategy Blueprint Information Gathering

Information based strategy is the key. One really has to look at industry, environment, competition, internal state of affairs, etc. to have a raw material to design, establish the business case and to articulate the strategy.

SWOT Analysis in Strategic blueprint Planning

With adequate & analyzed information, we need to establish the list of strengths & weaknesses (Internal) and opportunities & threats (external). Strategy blue-print is mainly based on 'how to leverage on strengths & opportunities?' and ''how to mitigate or manage the threats and weaknesses?'

Strategic Planning Business Themes

With SWOT in place, one has to identify top 5-8 strategic themes- the engines which will drive the organization to success.

Creating Strategy Map and Objectives

A strategy map is a set of interlinked objectives, measures and initiatives to define and achieve success for the given strategic theme. The first step for the MAP is to list out comprehensive set of objectives.

Strategy Map Objectives Measures and Initiatives

With objectives getting listed, its time to make them SMART objectives. Establish Measures and standards to these objectives, along with initiatives/projects which are needed to achieve the objective.

strategy blueprint Rationalize Align and Publish

With Strategy MAP for each theme in place, one has to combine and rationalize them, so that we get a the strategy MAP for the enterprise.