Build and Grow Your Business Exponentially with the most Rewarding CRM Partner Program


What will do for You?

CRM4Sure has one of the most comprehensive training & partner support structure. We prepare you well, and go shoulder to shoulder with you as you build your business.

Sales Leads Development Training

First things first- We prepare you to develop leads so that they are ready to meet you

  • Methods to Develop Potential Leads Data-Base from Diverse Sources
  • Classify and Segmentation of Leads so to fine-tune the Sales Approach
  • Sales Discipline and Technique of 10-5-1
  • Elevator- 30 second pitch for getting your leads interested
  • Emailing Techniques to develop Initial Interest from Customer

Demo and Presentation Training

Once you meet the customer, we give you all the tools to sell and get the order

  • Presentation Slides Bank for picking and customizing your presentations
  • A dedicated Demo-Instance for partners, which they can use freely
  • Sales Scripts and Answers to Specific Questions asked by Potential Clients
  • Configuring the demo to make it look customized from Clients Perspective
  • Understanding Customer Pain-points and Addressing them
  • Script for USP-Differentiators

Proposal Development, Negotiation and Order Closing

Once the client is ready to buy, we train you on the methods to close the order with best possible price

  • Proposal Submission Templates
  • Proper Pricing and Positioning- so to appeal to the customer
  • Scripts and Reasoning to position on how this is best deal for Customer
  • Answers to Customer Objections
  • Competition Comparison

System Training

We will take you through detailed system training so that you can set-up the system for the customer, and training his employees

  • End-User Training (so to enable training to Client's Employees)
  • System Configuration Training to Set-up System as per Client Needs
  • System Report and Dashboard Configuration Training
  • System Permission and User Set-up Training
  • System Mobile Version Training
  • One-time Data-Upload Training

System Issues Management and Support Training

After System is set-up and customer starts using it, we will equip you with full support knowledge

  • System Support Manual and Training
  • System Support FAQs
  • System Issue and Response Knowledge-Base
  • Base System Online System help (for Editing as per Customer Needs)
  • Methods to Provide Excellent 'Customer Experience'

Customer Relationship Management and Up-Selling Training

Once the system is stable and customer is satisfied, it’s time to get more business from customers.

  • Customer Relationship Techniques and Training
  • Methods to get one high Quality reference from Existing customer
  • Mapping Additional Customer Needs and Pain points periodically
  • Training on Collaborating with Customer to be his single CRM supplier
  • Integrating Service, Customer, Channel and Collections Module with Sales
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